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The program setup

Intern Project
The most important part of your internship! After the introduction, you'll be given one or several project scopes which you are expected to finalize during your months as an intern. The projects derive from Innoscentia's biggest challenges, and your contribution will be crucial to find the right solution!
Personal Development Module
As an intern, you'll be part of personal development program that starts with a personality test provided by an executive search expert. The test is followed by a number of follow up sessions with our expert, along with feedback sessions and personal goals to strive for during the internship.
Strategic Thinking Module
The strategic thinking module is led by an academical expert in the field of business strategy, and the aim is to provide feedback on your strategical thinking. This module also includes an introductory assessment and learning sessions spread out during the internship.
Team building and social activities
At Innoscentia, we consider our employees to be our most important asset! Therefore, we find it extremely important to build strong teams and create an open working environment. To create that environment, we constantly make sure to have a lot of fun and continue to build our team!
Impact startup environment
The majority of the Innoscentia team is located at Norrsken House in Stockholm. Norrsken House is an impact hub, gathering some of the most promising impact startups in the nordics. Given that we're allowed to be at the office (depending on covid19 development), being here will present an opportunity to really get an insight to the startup world!
Much more!
When working at a company in a phase like ours, no scope is constant and predestined. We can assure you'll get full insight to Innoscentia and the possibility to affect our journey on all levels!

Meet some of our previous interns

Already as an intern, I truly feel like I’ve contributed to solving a key issue in reaching more sustainable food systems

Elice Fällström Knowledge Management Specialist Intern

At Innoscentia teamwork and personal development is the foundation of well performed work. As an intern I’ve used my academic knowledge in a start-up environment. The internship has been really worthwhile on both a professional and personal level!

Alisa Bandell Consumer Insight and Behavioral Design Intern

I’ve never found such a supportive and encouraging working place to deliver my best effortlessly, alongside a new lovely family!

Elsa Safira Kinanti Food Specialist Intern

Innoscentia gives you to an opportunity to work in an inspiring environment and the sense of having a positive impact on the world!

Edvin Sjöqvist Business Development Intern

Having the freedom to create impact and not getting stuck in traditional processes is what innoscentia is all about

Devanand Pasunuri Thesis Student

It’s been an incredibly rewarding internship, mainly thanks to a culture in which new ideas are always welcomed, giving everyone a very real impact on the company.

August Schelin Business Development Intern
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